Amazingly, seven years ago and purely out of curiosity, I carried out a Psychoanalysis Test which revealed the following character attributes about me…

Your mood indicates that you want to reach out and make contacts with others. You are feeling friendly inside and others around you will unconsciously pick up on this. You want to connect with people and be sociable. You feel more determined than usual and are not prepared to put up with unnecessary delay or restriction. Not in the mood to be told what to do you resent anyone trying to control your behaviour. You do not want to be held back at this time.

Your current situation isn’t challenging you at all. You are set in a routine and the result is that you’re feeling boxed-in and closed off. You’re craving freedom, yet you’re unaware on how to change the present situation. This is causing you to remain in your humdrum routine. Your current situation is causing you a great deal of angst. Somehow you have become over-involved in something that is leading to feelings of stress and doubt. You are at risk of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted…

You have no conflicts at the present time.

You crave novelty and new flavours in your food. Comfort foods, bland pastas and rice dishes bore you to tears, and if you’re in charge of selecting a restaurant, you’re likely to pick something exotic and unexpected – Ethiopian, Thai, authentic Latin American are possibilities. You love exotic spices, ingredients and cooking methods and are willing to try anything once. What’s more, no matter how bizarre the dish, you will probably love it.

What does this say about you? Lively and energetic, you seek novelty and thrive in the world of abstract concepts. You are bold and adventurous, someone who will try anything once; someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. You have most likely travelled widely and may even speak a foreign language.

People enjoy being in your company because of the excitement you radiate. You are sensual and tactile; you grab hold of life and don’t let go. You are vibrant and passionate about life and constantly looking for intellectual and emotional stimuli in the world around you.

In fact, this constant need for all that’s new and exciting might lead you to be slightly unreliable at times. You often lose interest in mundane, day-to-day routines and you have a tendency to start new projects before finishing old ones. Being grounded in what counts doesn’t mean being boring! There is a place for your adventures and great, bold taste for life, but remember that sometimes life calls for a hot, comforting – and yes, boring – bowl of homemade chicken soup. Nothing more and nothing less.

At some point in the future, I may comment upon the findings, many of which were accurate and still stand true today!


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