White People & Apple | The Guardian

As an Apple user, I found this article amusing although I do NOT necessarily endorse the comments, many of which are tongue-in-cheek!

White people don’t just like Apple, they love Apple and need it to operate. On the surface, you would ask yourself how white people could love a multibillion-dollar company with manufacturing plants in China and mass production, and that contributes to global pollution through the manufacture of consumer electronic devices.

Apple logo

The simple answer: Apple products tell the world you are creative and unique. They are an exclusive product line used only by every white college student, designer, writer, English teacher and hipster on the planet. It is important that white people are reminded of their creativity. Remember, you need a Mac to creatively check email, creatively check websites, and creatively watch DVDs on planes.

Apple products also come with stickers. Some people put them on their computers, some people put them on windows, but to take this to the pinnacle of whiteness, you need to put the Apple sticker in the rear window of your Prius, Jetta, BMW, Subaru 4WD station wagon or Audi.

You then need to drive to a local coffeeshop (Starbucks will do at a pinch) and set up your Apple for the world to see. Thankfully, the Apple logo on the back will light up. So even in a dark place, people can see how unique and creative you (and the five other people next to you doing the exact same thing) truly are!


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