Down Memory Lane

Rummaging through the archives…

On a day when I lacked any real motivation, my mind began to wander. After deciding not to pursue a planned trip, I thought about various jobs that need to be done around the house. Gradually I put these tasks behind me, mainly because they all required far more effort than I could muster. However, I am planning to sell some collectors toys from my youth on eBay and these I knew to be stored in a large box in the bottom of a wardrobe.

Having managed to extricate the box from surrounding clutter, I began to rummage through the contents as one does. My initial reaction to certain objects was ‘why on earth have I kept that?’ and it’s fair to say at this point that I did manage to throw out a few things. However, I digress…

Nokia 1995 and 2009!

One of the artifacts nestled in the bottom of the box was my first mobile phone made by Nokia. This certainly wasn’t one of the very early brick varieties but nevertheless is still far larger and chunkier than the average landline handset in use today. Prior to the advent of smartphones, the typical mobile handset reduced in size dramatically, thereby making this first phone look like something out of the ark! Of course, there was no such thing as GSM and digital networks, but the old analogue service did have some advantages. During the mid nineties, I made frequent day trips to northern France, and so long as one was in an elevated position, one could phone people in the UK on the normal tariff. There was none of this roaming nonsense of today whereby you automatically log on to a local foreign network and pay through the nose for the privilege!

But back to the box! There were pocket diaries going back over thirty years. Looking through names and addresses in them, it was surprising just how many people had crossed my path but are now but a distant memory or have simply faded into obscurity. It got me wondering what some of the people are doing with their lives. Are they in good health? Do they have families? Are they still alive? I soon started day dreaming about travelling back in time in a Tardis and then following their paths… sometimes it would just be nice to know these things!

There was also a large bag containing old coins, notably our pre-decimalisation currency and the now defunct individual currencies of what has become the euro zone. Memories came flooding back of having to change currencies at every border post! Also at the bottom of this large box were some photographic slides which I’d completely forgotten about. Most old slides lie in purpose-made files but these stray slides were still in a projector slide magazine. Sadly they never get viewed nowadays as setting up the projector is a major operation, assuming of course, that it even still works! The digital age in which we now live makes everything so much easier and accessible, yet at the time, 35mm colour slides were seen as the forefront of photographic technology. A sad reminder that time doesn’t stand still but passes by at breakneck speed!

Finally la pièce de résistance… none other than my school reports. The least said about those, the better!


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