Twitter Love

This is possibly the most sentimental posting in my blog to date so you’ve been warned…

It is now two and a half years since I first joined Twitter. To be honest, I had never been a fan of social network sites as most appeared to be primarily aimed at the very young or those with seemingly too much time on their hands! It was therefore with some trepidation and cynicism that I set up my Twitter account and for the first year, I struggled to attract many interesting followers or indeed establish any lasting rapport.

This fact was mainly down to me as I only tweeted periodically and despite being generally computer savvy, I never fully grasped how Twitter worked. That can only be attributed to laziness on my part, but eventually I was lured by the #followfriday hashtag and decided to click on a few named recommendations. At this point, I was venturing into the unknown without any pre-conceived expectations but to my surprise and joy, a few people responded to my following with a welcoming ‘hello’.

From that point on, I began to attract more followers as they themselves were already following the people now following me. We all know that this is a mushroom effect, and eventually it levels off. For my part, Twitter is not a numbers game, as it’s the quality of the people who follow rather than the number which is sacrosanct to me. Whilst I soon built up a loyal band of followers, many of whom I tweeted with on an almost daily basis, I hadn’t realised the number of people who actually took an interest in what I posted. However, over seven months ago, I posted a casual tweet about my mum being involved in a serious road traffic accident, and I was overwhelmed with messages of goodwill and support.

Such a response immediately made me see Twitter in a new light. It wasn’t simply a means of passing general comment and humour, but a family of people who actually cared about others and were not afraid to show that. People whom I follow embrace all ages, backgrounds and diversity and it is that which makes Twitter so special. Those closest to me on Twitter will know that my life isn’t a bed of roses, and whilst I have no wish to burden others with my problems, there are some lovely people who are always there for me to chat and offer their love and support. No names shall be mentioned but if they’re reading this, they will know who they are… and it’s probably YOU!

When we come into this world, most of us are brought into an extended family. As we grow, we automatically become a part of that family but that does not necessarily mean that we enjoy their company. Furthermore many families become fragmented, either because of work or disharmony. People therefore choose friends to form their ideal family, but often these also fragment because of factors beyond their control. To me, good friendship is the most important thing in life and it disturbs me when so-called friends desert you in an hour of need. I have always strived to put friends first but in real life this has rarely been reciprocated.

And so back to Twitter! I firmly believe that I have a true family of friends here and it would be no understatement to say that Twitter has changed my life… for the good I hasten to add! I’ve already met several wonderful people as a result of this social networking phenomenen and I love you all more than you might imagine. My aim is to meet many more in the months ahead as Twitter… you rock!


3 thoughts on “Twitter Love

  1. Hello Nicholas, I can agree with everything you say above & when your own life is a bit flat there is someone there to give you a lift & life seems that bit better.

    I enjoy your friendship & one day I am sure we will meet up.

    All my love & best wishes to you from your old mucker @stewpot.

  2. Nicky…I have just read your latest blog. I’m almost in tears.

    You’re an amazing guy, one of THE nicest I’ve met on twitter. I want nothing but sunshine and love in your life. I know our hugs are virtual but they are lovingly meant. And don’t forget I adore you!

    Much love xxx

    (Opal lady is my word press identity!)

  3. Like Opal Lady, I too was very moved by what you have said Nicky and can identify with every sentiment. Thank you for expressing them so clearly.

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