Twenty Questions

I appear to have been somewhat remiss in updating this blog of late. The old adage that tempus fugit is so very true, yet in reality, I haven’t really achieved that much in recent months. A prolonged period of illness in the summer months didn’t help matters. However, so that readers don’t think that I’ve fallen off the wagon, so to speak, I’m posting answers to a few questions that I’ve been asked more than once!

Normal service will be resumed in due course, with the site getting a long-overdue makeover. However, that does take time, so may not happen until the new year.

One Do you have any pets?
Currently no. Previously I have had cats as they are my favourite pet but more recently, circumstances have prevented me from having pets as I believe an animal should receive the love and attention that someone would give to a human. If, for any reason, that cannot be done, then I consider it wrong for people to keep pets and then leave them to their own devices.

Two What is the last book you read?
An Inspector Dalgleish novel by P D James. I particularly enjoy detective and suspense fiction as well as historical novels. I detest celebrity books as they are little more than egoistical money-grabbing trash. However, if someone has made a worthy contribution to society, then a resume of their life makes for an interesting read.

Three What’s your favourite sport?
Anyone who knows me well will know that I have little time for sport. I feel that earnings from sport are generally immoral and go against the basic ethos of the definition of sport. I don’t partake in any sport nowadays but enjoy watching tennis and snooker.

Four Do you believe in luck or karma?
Quite simply no! Apart from possibly choosing the winning lotto numbers, I believe that we make our own luck or otherwise.

Five Do you collect anything? If so, what?
As a child, I collected stamps and still have an album. In more recent years, I collected porcelain figures and plates but no longer collect anything. There has to be a limit imposed upon such luxuries!

Six Are you reliable?
Absolutely! I have always been an excellent timekeeper barring eventualities outside my control. I could always be relied upon at work to get the job done although this competency was often abused by my employer.

Seven What’s your favourite food?
I don’t have one particular favourite food. I’m not really into so-called nouvelle cuisine and prefer traditional dishes such as roast chicken dinners and substantial salads. I’m generally a healthy eater and rarely eat junk food. I never visit take-aways or fast food establishments.

Eight Have you ever had a secret admirer?
That’s impossible to answer as if I knew, then the admirer wouldn’t be secret!

Nine What’s your favourite invention?
A difficult question to answer seeing as there are many very useful and practical inventions. Today, I’d probably opt for the computer as this is a tool that enables one to do so much, encapsulating so many other standalone inventions. If I were to look way back in time, then I’d suggest the telephone was a brilliant invention.

Ten Is your house tidy?
Of course! I was brought up to be tidy and organised. For me, tidiness makes for an easier life all round and is far less time-consuming than having to search for things amidst loads of jumble and chaos!

Eleven Can you read other people’s expressions?
Generally speaking, I can do so. It is amazing what can be read from the eyes and facial expressions.

Twelve Are you a bully?
Most definitely not! I abhor bullying in all its manifestations, whether it be physical, mental or the ever-increasing online trend. I was bullied throughout most of my secondary school life as well as in some of my work. More recently, I experienced bullying on Twitter and promptly dealt with the culprits, both naming and shaming. An earlier blog on the subject of bullying can be found by clicking on September 2011 in Archives.

Thirteen Do you eat breakfast and if so, what?
Indeed I do. It is a common held belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and provides some essential nourishment to help keep germs at bay. Usually I have fruit juice, cereal and yoghurt and sometimes toast too. I do not eat the traditional fried English breakfast except as the occasional treat if I am staying away from home.

Fourteen Do you enjoy challenges?
This really depends upon how one defines the word challenge. In years gone by, I have responded well to certain challenges within a working environment as well as setting myself certain goals. It is fair to say that later in life, such things are no longer of importance to me.

Fifteen Is money important to you?
If I had loads of money, then it might be important to me. However, like the majority of people, I have had to face uphill struggles to survive. I’m a firm believer in the fair distribution of wealth as most people are not adequately rewarded for the jobs they do. The world would be a far better place if everyone could have a basic level standard of living. So long as one has sufficient to meet the demands of normal living, that amount should suffice.

Sixteen Do people easily make you laugh?
No. It takes skill and wit to make me laugh. Many of the old television and radio comedies amuse me greatly because of the high standard of writing and timed delivery. Most modern day ‘comedians’ and writers fail miserably in this respect, and only they see themselves as funny. I suspect many people laugh simply to comply with expectation. In my opinion, the true art of entertainment in making one laugh and even cry with laughter, has long since died.

Seventeen Do you consider yourself obsessive?
On the assumption that obsessive is defined as being over the top in everything that one does, then the answer is most definitely in the negative.

Eighteen Do you speak any languages other than English?
I have a working knowledge of both French and Spanish. Both are very rusty but it’s surprising what vocabulary can be dug out when the need arises!

Nineteen What annoys you most in people?
Too many things to mention here! Probably the most annoying are dishonesty and deceit. Sadly both those traits are very evident on Twitter. People choose to hide behind masks, many not even displaying a photo of themselves at any point in time. Whilst I accept that there can be reasons for such action, it is hardly conducive to openness and transparency. This makes it very difficult to believe things they say and I have uncovered lies and deceit from people on many occasions. That is one reason I use Twitter very infrequently now.

Twenty Are you adventurous?
If by adventurous, one is expecting me to climb Mount Everest or ski in the French Alps, then the answer is no. However, I am not one to live in a small bubble and stay in one place for my entire life. I have moved quite extensively within the United Kingdom and am planning on relocating to mainland Europe within the next few months. Personally, I think that is adventurous enough!