Facts To Counter Brexit Claims

A few nonsensical claims made by the Brexit camp …

If you are considering voting for the UK to leave the European Union based upon finger-in-the-air comments made by those campaigning for Brexit, there are a few salient points that you might like to consider.

New free trade deals will be negotiated. That won’t happen in the short term although trade would continue with EU member states under existing agreements. The greater risk is that the UK will, ultimately, disintegrate into separate nations as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland seek membership of the European Union. Remember that these nations have already met entry requirements under the existing UK membership so England could eventually see itself isolated, even by its immediate neighbours. An exit vote will simply play into the hands of those seeking even greater devolved powers.

The economy will be buoyant.  Just what ‘economy’ are they talking about? The UK is already near rock bottom following the global banking crisis of 2008 and has done little in the ensuing years to emerge as a front runner with most assets already sold off. The country’s wealth is held by a very small percentage and that won’t change whether or not the UK leaves the security of the EU. Most wealth is controlled by the financial sector in the City of London but the influence that has within global markets may well diminish outside the EU.

The UK will become a world power once more. Surprisingly, the UK is still regarded as a world power with great influence both within the EU and internationally. It has a seat on the UN Security Council and is seen as a major player given its position within Europe. It’s highly unlikely that a small, isolated nation would continue to be regarded in the same way as it would not have the combined clout of EU membership behind it.

Borders and immigration will be controlled. The UK borders are already controlled as it is one of very few EU member states that still demands passports when entering or leaving the country. Immigration is still monitored and most entrants already emanate from outside the EU. Perhaps Brexit should think about the days of UK global colonisation and the subsequent impact that has had upon immigration levels over the decades. The situation today is little more than a needle in a haystack!

The threat of terrorism will reduce. This is almost farcical as terrorists have no regard for borders. The UK has already diminished its naval fleet so trying to patrol the entire coastline is an impossible task. In fact, as an isolated nation, the UK may become a greater target for terrorists as they would no longer benefit from pan European intelligence and interstate cooperation.

Bureaucracy will be a thing of the past. By voting ‘no’ in the referendum, one is doing nothing to help reduce the bureaucracy of the EU. Most people accept that the conglomerate needs major change but this can only be achieved from within and not outside the union. All countries need to work together, and sometimes be far more vociferous, in their condemnation of some of the EU dictats but nothing will be achieved by running away or deserting a sinking ship.

British people will be better off. There is absolutely no evidence to support this statement. In fact, evidence suggests that the opposite is likely to happen. Food prices will inevitably rise, thereby affecting every person in the country. The pound, which has remained fairly strong against the Euro and other currencies in recent years, will undoubtedly weaken and that will push up interest rates and the cost of mortgages. I wonder how many people reading this remember mortgages at 15%? Job losses are likely to increase, and some mainland European-based companies have already intimated that they may withdraw operations from the UK.

Being somewhat cynical, I predict that Cameron will be replaced as leader of the Conservative Party in the event of a Brexit victory. Whilst I have minimal respect for the man, I suspect that his successor might be either George Osborne or Boris Johnson. Whilst Osborne is in favour of remaining in the EU, his track record on managing the finances of the country is abysmal. Johnson is little more than a pompous buffoon who seemingly sways from side to side in accordance with the wind direction. As an outright supporter and leader of Brexit, he has spouted little more than verbal diarrhoea, as some of the above points clearly illustrate. Just imagine the isolated UK in his hands and getting into bed with a United States under the control of Trump!

One final point … think of all the UK MEPs that would lose their jobs and their hefty salaries. One notable hypocrite comes to mind in the form of cockwomble Nigel Farage!

Vote to Remain in the European Union


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